Garden and Grounds Maintenance

 Our range includes compact tractors with a range of implements for all applications.

We also supply powered, walk-behind rotovators, harrows and other equipment for ground conditioning.  hedge and grass cutting, fence post rammer, hole borers and many other specialist items.

See below for further details.


Groundsman Lawn Aerator.

  • Choice of solid or hollow tines. 
  • Self propelled.










Turf Cutter

  • Adjustable turf thickness
  • Adjustable handle height
  • Self propelled


Timberwolf 150 chipper

  • 6 inch maximum input size
  • Directional output
  • Powerful diesel engine


Compact Tractor with rotovator implement

Other implements available:

  • Topper
  • Flail/collector
  • Stone Buryer
  • Frame or loose chain harrows




Stump Grinder

  • Removes tree stumps to below ground level.
  • Pedestrian operated.


Blec Stone Burier

  • Compact tractor mounted.
  • Prepares rough ground to a fine tilth ready for grass seeding.


Wessex Flail-Collector

  • Compact tractor mounted
  • Hydraulic bin open/close




Post Rammer

Fitted to and supplied with one of our 3 tonne excavators. 

Can also be supplied for attachment to your own machine if compatible.
















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